Data Governance Tools

Data governance tools arrange the entire data of an organization into a catalog that is easy to navigate. Anyone with the proper rights can view and collaborate within minutes. They automatize certain processes that improve productivity and allows teams working on data to focus their time on more complex issues. They improve data literacy and understanding across the organization by offering the ability to access self-service quality, high-quality data.

Hevo’s Data Governance tool offers a comprehensive suite of data management capabilities, including metadata management and data lineage. It also offers an environment for defining a an industry-wide glossary of business terms and data assets. Information standards like PII, as well as other information standards can be easily managed by advanced algorithms. It is a cloud-based and on-prem service that can be used in a federated governance framework where a single system regulates the main master data attributes and application-specific attributes are managed by separate governance systems within departments and business units.

Alation is another vendor which offers a full set of data governance features in its data catalog. Its underlying technology analyzes databases, data lakes and data warehouses for metadata and uses automated analysis to identify and classify different types of data. The data stewardship tool it offers allows users to define policies that assign roles, and includes an analytics engine that can reveal trends in the data usage. Alation has a variety of clients that include GlaxoSmithKline and the Singapore Tourism Board. It also has a data governance tool relationship with NASDAQ, Autozone, NASDAQ, Air France and NASDAQ.

Erwin is another option, that combines data management and other functions within a single integrated software suite. It links physical metadata with specific business terms which allows users to locate relevant data and extract it. It also allows them to assess the lineage of the data and to audit the sets to ensure compliance. It also permits organizations to apply version control to data quality standards and governance guidelines, as well as monitor changes to metadata through its Data Jumpstart service.

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