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Defy Ordinary.

Not Just A Motto, But A Way Of Life.

Owned by the American company Rebel Inc., global brand Rebel is keen on creating a shift in the international beverages industry and redefining a unique identity for all our consumers.

Who We Are ?

Rebel energy drink is one of its own kind as it offers relishing taste and tremendous energy to power your mind and body for the impossible. The sugar-free category doesn’t lose upon its taste as it contains Acesulfame Potassium which a well-known artificial sweetener and can be consumed by calorie-conscious people. Apart from this, Rebel energy drink comes in three main flavors which are –
  1. Tutti Frutti Classic
  2. Mojito
  3. Cranberry

Our Values

Rebel stands out by conveying an ideal alignment between Taste, Design, and Emotion. Our value is to value taste and quality above all. Providing a safe energy drink is not an easy affair looking at the current lifestyle. But we assure you that we have given all our heart and soul to the cause of providing energy to our amazing customers that comes in a safe and secure nature of the product and packaging as well.

Our Vision

We have a vision and drive that cannot be surpassed. We believe in delivering something unique and worth savoring. Being a Rebel is not a choice; it is a human condition. However great or small they might be, we all do rebellious things. We look to provide taste as well as authenticity, to help maintain the ingredients true to their nature and maintain their shelf-life as well.
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